Applications Open


We are looking forward to welcoming a limited number of trainee agents on our Summer Academy Training Events.

No previous experience is necessary as we will provide all relevant training including:

  • learning how to create and crack codes 

  • collaborative and team working skills

  • surveillance techniques

  • field & survival skills

  • critical thinking and puzzle solving skills

  • escape and avoidance skills

  • gadget use and demonstrations

Trainees will be eligible to participate in active investigations at the conclusion of successful training.

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Perfect for young puzzle solvers that love a mystery!

  • Discover ways to create and crack codes

  • Use critical thinking to enhance decision making

  • Develop social skills by working together to solve clues

  • Use the latest tech gadgets including a drone and thermal imaging camera

  • Solve a real time interactive case that uses multi media video, intriguing puzzles, and a fascinating plot

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Limited Places - Sign Up Today!

The Training Day gets you up to speed with your spy skills!

The Mission Days use your skills to solve an international mystery