Course details

Day 1

On arrival all trainee agents will be briefed on safety procedures and Academy protocol and procedures.

The first morning  begins with basic training of the entire agent cohort. We will learn about code breaking & making, problem solving, observation & memory techniques, decision making and field skills. There will be lots of practical activities to do and the emphasis is on fun!

After lunch the cohort will split into cells of approximately six agents.  Each cell will rotate around four training stations covering skills such as lock picking, gadget training, problem solving, and escape & evasion using laser tag training.

We have lots of gadgets and devices use in espionage and we will be looking at them with our resident 'Q' specialists! 


Day 2 and 3

The trainees will  take part in a 'live case' received during their time at the academy. 


The agents spend two days working in teams to follow the clues to find out who has carried out the theft. We will track them down and attempt to retrieve the missing item.


There will be lots of different puzzles to solve and information to evaluate so there's always lots going on and plenty of fun spying activies to get involved with.