safety information

The Spy Academy helps young recruits become more aware of their environment and develop a range of critical thinking and puzzle solving skills.

We take great care of all our recruits by ensuring all staff have been DBS and security cleared. We also risk assess all activities to make everyone as safe as possible. Please make sure when applying if there is anything we need to know about you such as medical conditions, allergies or whatever else we need to know.

We brief all trainees on the importance of behaving in a responsible way. Trainees must agree to only use their advances skills in a positive way to help others. They must never spy or collect information on others without their knowledge and agreement. 

We'll also be reminding ourselves that we should only keep secrets if they are good ones that do not make us feel sad or uncomfortable. Good secrets might be birthday surprises, an unexpected trip out or a present.

Please know that the safety and comfort of our trainees is of paramount importance and we will not make them do anything they are not happy about. We are focussed on making the course as fun and informative as possible. Learning should be fun!