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Looking for the best spy gadgets? We've found the best surveillance and investigative technology and tools to make you a super spy! 

If you have been or are coming to our Spy Academy you can purchase some of the gadgets you'll see while training with us. These items are marked with this symbol 

Remember you should never spy on others without their knowledge or permission. Be kind!


Spy Camera Pen HD

The classic spy gadet that no self-respecting spy could do without.  This stylish pen has replaceable ink cartridges so you can use it for its original purpose without raising suspicion.

Pop it in your top pocket and it will record audio and video with great clarity for its size.

You can record audio, video or photos which are stored on the bundled 32 GB memory card. You can record up to 80 minutes of HD video and downoad it to your computer using the USB cable included.


Available now: £27.99


Professional Walkie Talkies

These professional quality walkie talkies are simple to use and have crystal clear sound over long distances.  They can last for up to 12 hours on one charge of the included rechargeable batteries.

Great to use in the home or outside without the need for phones.  Spies love them because they cannot be tracked or traced like mobile phones and you don't need to worry about getting a phone signal.  They are also great fun!


Available now: £29.99


WiFi Microscope

This is an amazing gadge! You can connect it to you laptop by cable or a tablet or phone using wifi. There's no need to use microscope slides  and you can take photos or record video at up to 1000x magnification.

Great for a whole range of uses including, examination of coins, jewelry, documents and natural objects such as leaves, flowers and bugs.

Portable, versatile and an easy way to explore more of the world around us!


Available now: £29.99


Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging cameras are used in many industries including law enforcement and wildlife tracking.

Simply plug into your phone and the free App lets you see everthing with enhanced colour depending on their termperature.

Point it towards vegetation and you'll see any animals hidden in the undergrowth, even in complete darkness.

The two cameras combine the visible and thermal light spectrum for enhanced resolution of the images. 


Available now: £215.99


Multi Tool Pen

This inexpensive little gadget is great to have in your pocket around at home and also in those situations where you need a screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, level, LED light or even a pen!

If you're out in the field doing a project you'll always be prepared and won't need to carry a bulky bag of tools around. It even has a phone stand built in for you to take a break and watch an online movie! Invaluable.


Available now: £9.99


Lock Picking Set

Have you ever wondered how locks work? This set includes an extensive lock picking set and four transparent locks to see how keys work and to study how lock picking is put into practice.

This set gives a fascinating insight into the mysterious world of lock picking and includes two ebooks to explain the process. A great introduction to lock picking as a hobby and at a fantastic price.

Available now: £23.95



Inspection Camera

This might seem an odd gadget to include but this industrial endoscope is great for using to inspect inaccessible places such as pipes and drains and to retrieve objects using the supplied hook or magnet.

It has a built in colour screen so there is no need for apps or tablets/phone. This makes it ready to use straight out of the box and no need to link up with any other devices. You can also record and save images using the inbuilt memory card.

Available now: £49.99



Rear View Sunglasses

No self-respecting spy would be seen without their sunglasses and these cool shades have built in mirrors to let you see behind you.

These can help you feel safer when you are out and about by letting you know if anyone is behind you while wearing what look like normal sunglasses.

Available now: £12.99



Dictionary Safe

The perfect place to hide your secret documents or other valuables. This ordinary looking 'book' looks at home on any bookshelf and keeps your important items away from prying eyes.

The solid construction and combination lock add extra layers of security and there is plenty of space for all your valuables inside.

Available now: £11.99



Laser Tag Game

Maybe not exactly a spy gadget, but these laser tag guns are fantastic fun! Technically they are not actual lasers meaning they are completely safe for all ages.

Best of all you don't need vests as the targets are part of the guns. You can add extra guns and set each gun to a team colour for megateam fun.

Look out for the separate pack with an alien ship and robot bu

Available now: £61.99